Food Taste

Food affects our life emotionally, mentally, physically and also through the 5 senses.

Food speaks to us through number of ways like the taste, smell and flavors. The taste buds have the ability to taste the 5 flavors i.e., sweet, salty, sour, bitterness and savory.

There might be many reasons why the food might not taste better. Here are few steps to make the food taste better.

What should be done if the food seems tasteless?

–     Try new flavors, new textures by adding ingredients according to the taste which enhances the flavor of the food prepared.

–      Prepare food that tastes good according to you.

–      Try new tastes using spices which you might have not used before.

  • Try varieties of sauces which enhances the food flavors
  • Use fruits to create a fusion in the regular cooking

–      Try variations in food preparations, new tastes might be a welcome taste to your taste buds

–      Temperature of food is also important which affects the food perceptions and the enjoyment of a dish

–       Avoid foods with strong odors if the smell bothers



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