Our Shining Star of the Month

Rasheedul Islam As we all know, customer service isn’t an easy job always, it takes a unique individual to consistently perform almost every day. Our dear Rasheedul Islam is one of the major factors in showcasing his talents and perform beyond expectations with a positive attitude and a broad smile on his face. Congratulations Rasheedul!!…

Our Shining Star of the Month

Tulkaraj His passion and hardworking attitude and making extra efforts to satisfy the customers has not gone un noticed. His efforts have been recognized and has been awarded with the star of the month award. Congratulations Tulkaraj!!

Our Shining Star of the Month

Shov Bahadur Shov Bahadur’s outstanding performance and can-do attitude has made him the star of the month. His consistent performance has motivated others in the department to perform meticulously and aim to become the star of the month. Congratulations Shov!!

Our Shining Star of the Month

Shiva Bahadur Gharti   Shiva Bahdur Gharti’s relentless work ethics and consistent performance has made him the star of the month. His expertise and creative ideas at work are much appreciated and acknowledged. We are proud to have him in our team. Congratulations Shiva!!  

Organizational Culture

Culture is the strong foundation where the organization’s strategies and performance are based. Organizational culture is the only sustainable point where it differentiates one organization to the other. It is an invisible driving force which influences the employees of the organization. To improve the performance in any organization the key lies in matching the culture…

Mobile Security Awareness

A smartphone is like a small portable computer, just like the way a computer gets infected with virus, getting hacked and if it is unsecured it can also provide access to your personal information the same way a smartphone can get infected. Few simple tips to keep your mobile secured at all the times: –       Read…

Importance of Hand Wash in food business

Why is it important to wash hands in food business? Washing hands prevents food contamination when handled by food handlers. When hands are washed properly using hand washing techniques, harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus and virus like norovirus present on the food handlers’ hands will be removed and the food…


Setting up KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the employees in an organization is very important. These KPIs measure the aptitude of the employees in the different departments. One thing to remember is “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Every KPI should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART). These are the…

Interactive Training at Al Jazeera International Catering Company

JIC choose the path of excellence and had identified training as a basic tool for the development of its employees. Our training department plays a major role in educating and developing the employees throughout their journey with JIC. The key control of Training Department is directly linked with the HSE Department (Health and Safety Department)….

Tips to control food wastage in food service industry

Food waste affects every food service sector; and also has a detrimental impact on environment. From where is the waste generated: The food waste is generated from various sources like – Pre-production waste (Ex: Vegetable peeling, meat, chicken and fish waste) – Post-production waste (Ex: food prepared in excess quantity, food wasted by the     …