Safeguarding the Facebook Account

Face book has become a very vital part in most of our lives. It gets us connected to the rest of the world and gives us current updates of our friends and family. We login to Face book every day through so many devices, like phone, tab, laptop or though desktop. When one logs in…

Importance of reconciling the books of accounts

Reconciling the Ledgers of the books of accounts is a critical control exercise which helps in ensuring the financial wellness of any organization. It should become one of the core routine activities of the Account’s Department concentrating on the efficient results and the accuracy. It also helps in accessing the nature and the causes of the variances….

Storage & Transportation of Food Products

To ensure and to protect food products from potential contamination and damage and to prevent the growth of pathogens, food transportation and storage should be considered as per the standards requirements FOOD TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE Food transportation, storage and distribution units should be designed, constructed, maintained and used in a manner that permits effective segregation…

Importance of Accounts Receivable Ageing Report

A report that is used as a tool for estimating potential receivables from the clients as per the scheduled due dates is called the Accounts Receivables Ageing Analysis. Maintaining this kind of report helps to identify the invoices that are due beyond the payment terms and collecting efforts allowing following up on the slow paying…

Our Shining Star

Dharam Raj Yadav As a result of his hospitable nature Dharam Raj Yadav developed good rapport with the clients. His exceptional performance in Laundry dept has made him the star of the month.

Our Shining Star

Ali Khan His performance and hospitality portrayed has made him well known among the staff and the clients. His service with a smiling face attracts the clients and makes them very much. His idea of resizing the iftar meal box has been well appreciated and he shined as one of the stars for the month….

Our Shining Star

Purna Bahadur Sarki He has been consistently performing his duties and has exceled in it. He is an inspiring team member. He is a keen observer and his excellent idea in service the good food which would result in food cost reduction is well appreciated. He shines as one of the stars for the month….

Tips for Food Safety

Simple and effective tips for a safe food Clean Hands: Clean hands decrease the possibility of food borne illnesses. Before you start preparing food, always wash your hands by following these simple steps: wet your hands, lather with soap, scrub for at least 20 seconds, rinse with clean water, and dry your hands with a…

Personal Protective Equipment

Every work place has hazards in different forms. Controlling a hazard at its source is the best way to protect the employees from it. Depending on the work place conditions, different Personal Protective Equipment is used to minimize the exposure to a variety of hazards. In JIC the protective clothing differs depending on the different…

Calculating Gross Profit

Gross profit is a simple comparison of cost of goods the company sells to the income derived from those goods. The gross profit margin expresses the profits as a percentage of the total sales revenue generated. It can also be used to compare the company’s current status to its last performance, especially when there are…