Handle with care

In our Service Industry it is often a situation where the customers are not satisfied with the service provided. One person or the other has their grievances. If this person is not satisfied with the service provided, he might complain or share his bad experience with others, restricting others from taking our services.

If the complaint is dealt with in a positive way the customer feels that his problem is resolved and might forget the bad experience and might even propagate the good experience for the excellent service provided. This situation is a “WIN-WIN” Situation.

Another situation where the weekly menu served at one of our Desert sites was becoming too monotonous for the client, he was not satisfied with the Menu and being hot, sand everywhere and all the way out in the middle of the Desert they didn’t really having a choice than having our food with disappointment. When this complaint was raised to us, we came up with a concept called THEME DINNERS. This concept was accepted by the client and during the weekends they had a very good time and our special meals as per the mentioned ‘theme’ in that week. This was again a “WIN-WIN” Situation, wherein the client was satisfyingly Happy and we had won over their disappointment.

Dealing with a different kind of complaints

When we had these kinds of situations, our priority was to listen to their grievances and decide on the best course of action. We tried solving their grievances as effective as we could but it was beyond the ability of the Supervisor in charge. This matter was escalated to the Management as there was a rift in the anger and bitterness of the client. We neither wanted to upset the client nor give in to their demands. A situation where the Management’s Intervention was needed, hence it was escalated for their decision. They came up with a solution wherein the client was satisfied and we were happy that we could provide a solution to the issue.

Procedure for handling complaints 

It is obvious that the client is upset with the service provided hence he complained about it. Our main objective is to listen to his complaint and provide him with a solution by following these steps:

  • When a client is complaining remember that he is angry with the services provided, if you are defending your services it might aggravate his anger and end up in arguments
  • Let the client have his say and remain polite until he narrates his part
  • Try to reason out with the client and make him understand the situation
  • If you cannot resolve the issue, escalate it to the Supervisor in Charge providing him all the details of the complaint.
  • Record the complaint.
  • Let the supervisor in charge investigate and analyze the complaint and offer a solution to the client by apologizing for the inconvenience caused and assuring him that the situation will not repeat and resolve his issue immediately.
  • If it is still beyond the ability of the Supervisor in charge to resolve the issue, then he can escalate it to the Management explaining the problem and also the solutions provided to the client.

Now, go handle it.

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