How to Identify a tough boss at your workplace

Recent research says people join companies but leave managers. So when should you quit if you have a poor manager? How do you deal with a bad boss and also retain your job? How do you work with a tough boss and grow without having to quit? Everyone has a boss story. What’s yours? How…


There are three major hazards that may be introduced into the food supply any time during harvesting, processing, transporting, preparing, storing and serving food. These hazards may be microbiological, chemical or physical. Microbiological hazards Microbiological hazard occurs when food becomes contaminated by microorganisms found in the air, food, water, soil, animals and the human body….

Tips to Help Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

5 Tips to Prolong Your Laptop Battery Life Research shows the average laptop battery only lasts between after a full charge. If you feel your laptop is falling short in terms of battery life, try using the following tricks. 1. Adjust the Battery Settings Because laptop batteries weaken over time, most manufacturers include battery performance settings….

Our Shining Star

Suresh is a sincere hardworking person. His always grateful to help his team mates in the work. Always think and show positive in work. His passion and eagerness to perform excellence is one of the reasons he was chosen to be one of the Sar of the month. We congratulate him and many more success…

Our Shining Star

Milon has taken a lot of the service responsibilities. He tries to keep all his team mates happy with his helping nature. He always greets you with a smile. His enthusiastic spirit allows him to be cheerful among customers. He has been selected as star of the month for his exceptional performance in Dining.

Welcoming Our New Staff

It is our pleasure to welcome Mr. Anvarsha Shreef to the Accounting department at JIC. He has over all 6 yrs of experience as Accountant. He is a person of hard work and we wish him all the success in JIC and we are assured that the accountant team will support him to achieve his goals…

Our Shining Star

Jahid Hossen is a vital employee in the Kitchen at JIC. His efficiency, professionalism and positive attitude helped him to achieve SOTM award. His team mates say that Jahid is a great team player and hardworking. Congratulation for your extraordinary service & performance. we appreciate your efforts & commitment towards the organization

Welcoming Our New Staff

We whole heartily welcome Mr. Anurag to the vibrant HSE Team. As he is fresh and raring to grow, JIC will mold him and mentor him to grow in the path of Excellence. Anurag is an exuberant person who will add another hue to the HSET team. His mantra of life is “a good fragrance…

Our Shining

Mangal is a hardworking person. He always thinks positively and smartly. A person who will always greets you with a smile. His outstanding performance is surely noticeable. He shown great attitude and commitment towards a task. We congratulate him as it is well deserved and wish him always the best.

Labeling of food

Food labeling is an important tool to communicate the details of the products.   These tips should be considered while labeling the food products, raw and packaging material etc.,   Food /Dish Name Legibility requirements Food recall information; Date marking; Nutrition labeling Percentage labeling; Intended use Country of origin Food /Dish Name A name or…