Berries are kind of the perfect food. As much as I love all of the foods on this list, berries are my favorite. Not only are they completely delicious, but they are the second healthiest food group (after leafy greens).

As far as their health benefits, it’s almost like you could just type “berries vs [any negative thing you can imagine]” into Google and you’ll find a thousand research studies about how berries help with this issue. For example, “berries vs. my girlfriend broke up with me” and yup – berries are a proven way to boost your mood and fight depression so they can help with that too.

Here’s a handful of reasons to encourage you to eat more berries every day:

  • Brain Boost – There seems to be a strong link between protecting against neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease). And there was even a study of giving blueberries to children before school and it improved their cognitive skills.
  • Antioxidants – Some of the highest antioxidant foods on the planet are berries and they also have so many other vitamins and micronutrients, which might be why they are so good at…
  • Cancer-Fighting – there’s about a million pieces of research about the benefits of berries to prevent and fight cancer, but here’s one quote from the American Institute for Cancer Research, “All berries, but particularly strawberries and raspberries, are rich in ellagic acid. In laboratory studies, this phytochemical has shown the ability to prevent cancers of the skin, bladder, lung, oesophagus and breast.” 
  • Anti-inflammatory – This is a theme in all the foods on this list because inflammation seems to be a central issue in many diseases. Berries are amazingly anti-inflammatory
  • Blood Sugar Control – Numerous studies have found that they help regulate blood sugar levels.

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