Ways to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

The incidence of diabetes is on the rise with number of cases growing by the year. According to the data from The World Health Organization, the number of people suffering from diabetes rose 300 percent from 1980 to 2014. Diabetes occurs when the pancreases in the intestine are unable to produce enough insulin or the bodily functions are rendered ineffective in response to insulin. When the insulin is not able to process glucose, it gets stored in the bloodstream, leading to rise in blood sugar level. Although, diabetes is considered a chronic disease, it is possible to regulate it and curb down its risk and symptoms.

There are many causal factors that lead to diabetes – genetics, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating practices, lack of physical activities, environmental factors and so on. Even someone leading a healthy life and following a proper diet can be at risk of getting this lifestyle disease. There are a number of treatments available to prevent diabetes. People dealing with pre-diabetes symptoms are advised to reform their eating habits to a certain degree and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Prevention is always better than cure. What we eat plays a big role in shaping our bodily health. Lifestyle-related diseases stem from unhealthy living, and making few changes and pivoting to a healthier lifestyle can make a world of difference in bringing about overall wellness. Diabetes too can be subverted and its risk can be reduced if you take care of your diet and live a physically active life.

However, there are certain actions, if taken, can show bigger and better results in alleviating the risk and symptoms of diabetes. Almost every doctor and nutrition lays down these suggestions for people at risk of getting diabetics to help them overcome the danger. Following these steps may help you control your blood sugar in an effective way and move further towards your health goals.

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