This Carrot and Orange Salad May Help You Lose Weight and Give You A Glowing Skin

For weight-loss, you have to revamp your diet, and eating seasonal produce may amp up your weight-loss journey.

Salads are of many kinds. Thanks to the surge of salad bars and cafe, people now understand just how versatile salad can be; that it need not be all about lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Salads can be as fun as you want them to be. One of the best ways to make salad is to throw in all the seasonal goodness in it. With winters upon us, we are seeing a plethora of fruits and vegetables in our kitchen pantry. The seasonal cameos by these fruits and veggies are special, which is why we try to make most of out of them while they are around. If you are not in a mood to cook anything elaborate, you can incorporate them in a bright and peppy salad; like this carrot and orange salad that has winter written all over it!

If you have been trying to lose weight, you know there is no magic spell which could give you a slimmer waistline overnight. You have to revamp your diet, and eating seasonal produce may amp up your weight-loss journey. Seasonal foods help fortify you with a range of antioxidants and most of these foods are a treasure of vital vitamins and minerals too. Carrot and orange are two winter staples we have our hearts set on, right now.

How Does the Salad Help Make Your Skin Radiant and Healthy?

Carrots are packed with lutein and vitamin A, which makes them incredible for eyes. They also contain beauty mineral silica that may help boost your skin health. Oranges too are packed with vitamin C; the potent antioxidant helps fight free radical activity. Free radical activity leads to ageing and dull skin.


Weight-Loss Benefits of the Salad

Both carrot and orange are packed with dietary fibre. Fibre helps induce feeling of satiety. If you feel full, chances of binging and mindless eating reduce to a great extent. Thus, if you eat more mindfully, and in regulated portions, you are quite likely to lose weight faster. Additionally, carrot and orange are also super low in calories. Less number of calories coupled with high nutrition, make them an ideal addition to a weight loss diet.


Recipe of Carrot and Orange Salad

This recipe of carrot and orange salad is easy to make and super healthy. You do not even need too many ingredients to make it. You would only need carrot, orange, garlic, parsley, salt and ground pepper.

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