10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day


Avocado and Poached Egg Toast

Avocado toast is in the house! If there were a pageant for most popular healthy breakfast, we have an idea that avocado toast would take the crown.

What started as a California food trend has become a mainstream American favorite for breakfast and brunch. With just a few ingredients needed, this easy, healthy breakfast recipe includes oh-so-simple tips for poaching the perfect egg that is pleasing to look at and eat.

Peanut Banana Cinnamon Smoothie


Smoothies are an easy way to start the day, and this peanut banana breakfast smoothie is no different. Kids and adults alike will cheer for the magical flavor combination of peanut butter and bananas, and just a little bit of cinnamon adds an unexpected burst of spice that brightens the whole drink.

Overnight Chia Seed Oatmeal

Overnight oats are the perfect breakfast if you want a wholesome, homemade morning meal, but you don’t want to add anything extra to your morning routine.

Rolled oats, milk, and a few other tasty ingredients are combined in a container and left to chill overnight in the refrigerator. The oats become soft and creamy by morning, just like slow-cooked oatmeal. Chia seeds, popular for their omega-3s and other health benefits, add a light nutty flavor. Pair that with a little maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla to add some sweetness and you are good to go!

Savory Quinoa Egg Muffins with Spinach

Quinoa adds special texture and flavor, plus lots of great protein and fiber, to these delicious little egg muffins that are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free diets.

Packed with spinach, onion, and melted cheese, these healthy breakfast egg muffins are perfect for a meatless brunch or a hand-held breakfast on the go.

Tropical Acai Breakfast Bowl

Acai bowls are a delicious, cool, and anti-oxidant rich breakfast that are quick and easy to make. This nutritious breakfast in a bowl has an indulgent texture and flavor that’s like having healthy ice cream for breakfast. It’s perfect for those days when you need an extra boost of energy to get up and out the door.

Honey Apple Toast Recipe

You’ll love this super quick and simple healthy breakfast with the flavors of apple cheesecake. All you need is whole grain bread, part skim ricotta cheese, a thinly sliced apple, and a little bit of honey to assemble this scrumptious, open-faced breakfast sandwich treat that includes protein (from the cheese) and vitamins to start your day off right.

Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap

This hearty, healthy breakfast recipe is like a Greek omelette in a wrap. Fresh spinach, salty feta cheese, and black olives combine with scrambled eggs in a tortilla for an easy, hand-held breakfast you can eat on-the-go. Use whole wheat tortillas to boost the fiber in this protein and iron-rich breakfast.

Super food Breakfast Smoothie

What if you could kick start your metabolism for the day, boost your energy levels, and prepare your body and mind for the events of your day with one breakfast beverage that’s easy to make? This super food breakfast smoothie does all that. Plus, it has a sweet, chocolate-banana flavor that will put a big smile on your face. A really great way to start your day.

Easy Tofu Scramble Recipe

Tofu scramble is a popular vegan breakfast dish that has a similar texture to scrambled eggs. This healthy breakfast recipe calls for onions and green bell peppers, but you can add even more nutrition by tossing in extra vegetables, such as spinach, mushrooms, and green onions. Just wrap the cooked tofu scramble in a warmed, whole wheat tortilla for a fulfilling vegan breakfast burrito.

The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Bagel

When you’re craving something truly satisfying for breakfast, this ultimate smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon has loads of protein, with the indulgent tastes and textures that make this dish a weekend favorite.

Low-calorie pickled red onions and capers add an unexpected pop of color and salty, zingy flavors that go wonderfully well with the salmon. Use whole grain bagels to add extra fiber to this open-face breakfast sandwich.



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