Top 10 Reasons to Do Yoga

  1. Yoga helps to improve our overall health. Yoga strengthens and makes our body flexible.
  2. Yoga boosts up our energy and makes us feel relaxed. Yoga practice is a good remedy for stress reduction and mental calmness.
  3. The functions of the respiratory system, the circulatory system, heart, liver, kidney, brain and other excretory functions can also be improved by practicing Yoga.
  4. Yoga provides complete solution to rejuvenate our whole body system including bones, muscles and nerves.
  5. Yoga refreshes both body and mind and keeps us active all throughout the day.
  6. Yoga helps in weight reduction. A consistent yoga practice increases the stamina and makes you feel strong and light.
  7. Yoga helps in treating diabetes, blood pressure and back pain.
  8. Yoga provides effective remedy for breathing problems.
  9. Yoga gives supreme divine bliss with innumerable health benefits. Practicing yoga helps in great way for living a healthy life.
  10. Yoga strengthens our body’s immune system and gives us protection against infections like cold and cough.

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