17 Benefits of Standing

1.Standing posture is good for health. It renders numerable benefits to your health.

2.Standing, also referred to as orthostasis, is a human position in which the body is held in an upright (“orthostatic”) position and supported only by the feet.

3.Standing is good for health compared to sitting. Standing is the preferred posture to reverse the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

4.The act of sitting shuts down the circulation of a fat-absorbing enzyme called lipase, and may result in obesity, heart disease and diabetes. While sitting, the fat in the body will recirculate in the blood stream and get stored as body fat or it clog arteries and cause diseases,” Dr. Hamilton says.

5.The act of standing engages muscles and promotes the distribution of lipase, which prompts the body to process fat and cholesterol. Standing helps us to use more muscles and also aids to physically strengthen it.

6.Standing up posture uses blood glucose and discourage the development of diabetes.

7.Standing also reduces the risk of heart disease and obesity.

8.Standing keeps us alert and active.

9.Standing may give you the feel of ache in the feet. But as time goes you will get practiced to it.

It is a good physical activity and it helps to increase the metabolic rate.

10.Plasma samples were taken from the same person after eating the same meal. When they ate sitting down, the sample was cloudy, but when they ate while standing up, it was clear.

“If you can perform a behavior while sitting or standing, I would choose standing,” Dr. Hamilton says. Compared to sitting, doing work by standing makes us physically tired and gives us good sound sleep.

11.Stand up or just a walk around helps to burn calories and shrink your waistline.

12.”Chair time is an insidious hazard ” – says Marc Hamilton, Ph.D., a professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

The time you sit in your chair could be keeping your body’s fat burning in park!

13.Another benefit to standing — it improves your HDL or good cholesterol levels. People who sat reduced their good cholesterol levels by 22 percent!

14.Researchers at the American Cancer Society found that even if you exercise nearly every day, those health benefits can be undone if you spend the rest of your time on the chair.

15.Standing is better for the back muscles than sitting. It strengthens leg muscles and improves balance. It burns more calories than sitting. It is also a great antidote to the formation of blood clots deep in the legs. When you sit for long periods, blood flow slows through the legs. Sluggish blood flow can set the stage for a blood clot to form.  Standing and walking squeeze valves in the leg veins, pushing blood upward toward the heart.

16.Standing more might help you live longer. In a new study of more than 100,000 men and women from all across the United States, those who sat for more than six hours a day were more likely to have died — mostly of cardiovascular disease — over the course of the 14-year study than those who sat for less than three hours a day. This relationship held true even among those who exercised regularly.

17.Other benefits of standing includes:

  • Improvement in bowel function
  • Normalization of respiratory function
  • Improve Hip Integrity
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers through changing positions
  • Improvement in circulation as it related to orthostatic hypotension
  • Decrease fatigue from inactivity
  • Help prevent depression

Standing for too long hours is also not good for health. Standing for too long, or the wrong way, can cause sore feet or knees, low back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and other health problems.

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