How to Choose the Right Salt

Seasoning can elevate the flavor of a dish and take food from bland to delicious. However, there are a ton of different salt varieties that exist, so choosing one can seem confusing. When choosing a salt, it’s important that you take the salt’s unique properties into account. If you choose the right salt for its use and continue to experiment with different kinds of salt, you can become accustomed to the different variations and make the right decision every time.

Choose table salt or sea salt to season cooked food. Traditional table salt is the most common salt to use to season food at the dining room table. The small, quickly dissolving crystals make it perfect to sprinkle on food before you eat. Sea salt, on the other hand, will change the texture of the meal and add more salty-bursts to each bite of your food. Both salts are popular for seasoning cooked food.

  • Table salt also usually contains non-caking agents and iodine.

Utilize sea salt and kosher salt in your cooking. Sea salt and kosher salt are superior salts to use in cooking because the large grains makes it easy to visually regulate the amount of salt that you’re adding to a dish. Also, these salts have no additives and are coarsely ground, which creates more intensely flavored food.

  • Sea salt and kosher salt are great for seasoning raw proteins.
  • Use table salt to salt water and create brines. The fine crystals of table salt make it the best type of salt to use when salting water for pasta or creating a pork or beef brine. This is because the smaller crystals dissolve into the water faster.
  • Use coarse, unrefined salt for fermenting vegetables. Coarse, unrefined salts like sea salts and Himalayan rock salt are the best for fermenting vegetables. Do not use salts that contain anti-caking agents or iodine because it can inhibit the beneficial bacteria in a fermented vegetable.

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