High motivation leads to self confidence and further improves in productivity. An employee who is motivated tries his level best to be committed to his work, perform better and brings laurels to himself and the company.

Here are a few features that can be included in a sound motivation system in an organization:  

–     The performance of the employee should be monitored on a regular basis and the not up to the mark performance should be dealt appropriately.

–      Performance should be measured, the best performance should be acknowledged and the performer should be rewarded. This initiative motivates the employee to perform better.

–     The grievances obstacles in the performance of the employee should be dealt fairly.

–     The employer should ensure the employee has flexible working arrangements.

–     The sound motivation system should be correlated the employee goals to the organizational goals.

–     The best performer should be motivated by monetary and non-monetary benefits through   award and reward system.

–       Involve employee in decision making process to motivate


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