Accomplishing More by Prioritizing the work

Employee productivity has become a huge focus for every organization. In this competitive environment, prioritizing the tasks has become an important aspect in order to be effectively productive.

As responsibilities grow one need to shoulder multiple functionalities in the organization.

To be an effective manager the following steps should be followed.

  • Handling multiple priorities is not new for any managers.
  • He should be aware of how to invest his energy in an effective way.
  • Whenever an urgent situation arises, he should be able to prioritize and address the situation immediately.
  • Delegation of duties to his subordinates when required helps the manager to concentrate on the most important task.
  • Once the most important task is catered to, the next important task needs to be identified and accomplished.
  • The tasks on hand need to be rechecked and allocated to the team so that the manager can spare the energy to accomplish the next important and immediate task.
  • Timelines to complete each task should be set so that the task can be completed most effectively.

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