Tricks to Reduce Spam and Organize your Gmail

One receives hundreds of email messages every day, but all those emails are not useful or wanted emails.

There are steps to manage or even eliminate unwanted emails in gmail.

Though Gmail has got a good spam management system, many unwanted emails are received. They might not be spam emails but one might have subscribed at one point in time and though they are unsubscribed still end up in receiving these emails.

Create these filters to organize the emails the way it is required. This allows creating an infinite variation of the gmail email address.

The Dot Hack

If you didn’t already know, Gmail does not consider any extra dots in your account name when processing email. So for example, I could write out my email address as  instead of the normal

You can add as many dots as you like in any location and the email will still come to you. This trick usually works the best when signing up on forums or anywhere online because most forms will accept periods as an allowable symbol of a typical email address.

The Plus Hack

This Gmail hack has been around for a LONG time and most people already know about it. Simply place a “+” after your account name and add a word or words to uniquely identify that email address.

For example, we can change my email address to when signing up at any bank, investment site, etc. Now we can create a filter and have all emails related to the financial activities automatically moved to an appropriate label.

This is much easier than creating a separate filter for each financial institution. There are many times when the sending email address used by a financial institution changes and therefore you have to update your filter. Since your customized Gmail address will never change, you never will need to worry about updating the filter.

The plus hack is very useful, but the downside is that online forms sometimes block it because it’s not considered a normal symbol in email addresses, in that case, use the Dot hack or the Googlemail hack.

The Googlemail Hack

Finally, one can change the last part of the email account to instead of the normal! It’s another nifty way to not give out your main email address. Obviously, if someone else already knows these tricks, they can easily figure out your original email address.

So is exactly the same as If you want to keep your account name consistent without all of the dots or plus signs, then you can just use instead.

These hacks have been around for a long time and if you’ve been using Gmail for many years, it’s probably nothing new. However, if you have recently switched over from Yahoo, Outlook, etc, it’s an extra feature worth knowing about. Enjoy!

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