Helpful tips for Windows experience

Windows key and the arrow keys


When you press the windows key and left or right arrow keys it will navigate your view to the left- or right-hand side of the screen.  If you press the windows key and up arrow key, it maximizes the window and when you press the windows key and down arrow key simultaneously it will resize and minimize the window.

Windows key and plus and minus keys

If you have to zoom in and zoom out what is displayed on the window screen, press the windows key and plus key to zoom in or windows key and minus key to zoom out.

Rename multiple files at once

To rename the multiple files at one instance, first highlight all the files you want to rename inn windows explorer and press F2 key. Type the new name and press enter. Once done with all the files, they will be renamed to the new name given and will be followed by a unique number.

Pin programs to the task bar

All programs can be pinned easily to the task bar and allows easy access to your favorite programs without having to use the Start Menu. To pin a program to the task-bar right click on the program or shortcut to the program and in the menu choose the Pint to Taskbar option. The easiest way is to drag the icon to the task-bar.

If you want to remove a pinned program, right click on the task-bar icon and click unpin the program from the task-bar. Again, the easiest way is to drag the icon off the task bar.

To improve the quality of the text

Windows clear type text tuner can be used to improve the overall quality of all text that you read on your computer screen. To start the clear type text tuner click the start orb and type cttune.exe and press enter.

Get to the Desktop

Click the Desktop button on the far right edge of the task-bar to get to the Desktop.

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