Steps to a great Resume

Resume is an outline of the skill sets, work experience, educational qualifications and accomplishments of one’s career.

Employers spend very little time to scan the resume. It is a first impression on the potential employer; hence it has to be articulated show casing the abilities, accomplishments and qualifications in the best possible manner.

An effective resume gets noticed because:

  • The emphasis is on relevant accomplishments and potential contributions.
  • The main focus is on the skills and requirements of a specific field or position.
  • It is concise, well-organized and easy to read.

Here are few steps to write a resume:


The resume should be tailor made, optimize it as per the key words to give it a customized look and grab the attention of the employers.


The resume should be clear and concise. Incorporate relevant job experience, education and other projects. The format should have easy to read fonts and readable font size.


Quantify the work experience and accomplishments in order to show that you are the potential candidate for the job.


The resume should be reviewed for spell check, grammatical errors and whether the appropriate language has been used or not. As an addition save your resume in the PDF format.

Having a ready resume is always an asset when seeking a job.


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