Sourcing best supplier

How to source a best supplier for your requirements :

Here are a few points that can be considered while sourcing the best suppliers:


The supplier who is accountable takes up the responsibility when an issue has been raised and addresses it at the earliest.

It is mandatory to look for a supplier who is accountable and would like to maintain a sustained relationship.

Production Capabilities

The ability to source or manufacture the required product is one of the good qualities of a supplier. A good supplier should be able to consistently supply the required material within the required timelines.

How can we gauge a supplier who understands and can meet the required standards?

Visiting the site

The only way to be sure of a supplier’s production capabilities and store is only by doing a site audit and see for yourself whether the store or production site is maintained as per the standards.

Obtaining and approving a product sample

By requesting the supplier to provide the sample of the requirements to approve the product before placing further orders will give a clear picture whether the sample is of desired standard and whether it is meeting the set requirements.

Ease of communication

Effective communication prevents problems ranging from delays to product nonconformities. Hence it is important to have an effective open and direct communication with the suppliers to get the desired product. The required details has to be put forth to the supplier very clearly to avoid miscommunication.

Build Relationship

Meet the supplier’s senior management to ensure that a boardroom level relationship is maintained.

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