Tips to Organize your emails

We all use Outlook. To make it effective and helpful in our daily use, follow these simple steps:

Rules of engagement

Rules option in the Outlook helps you to set Rules, which is a great inbuilt feature that lets you set a variety of preferences. Example: your emails can be organized in the designated folders by setting the rules with a specific subject line or from the sender. You can also set alerts for the emails received as per your priority.

If you do not want your emails to be in the alphabetical order, you can make the folders and drag the emails and drop in the specific folders. You can arrange your folders as per your priorities. This option helps the lapse of time while searching for emails.

Search string success

A search folder can be created wherein all the important messages displaying the specific criteria can be stored. The hassle of searching the important messages can be avoided and the time can be saved.

Set up a Customized Group of People to Email (Distribution List)

If there is a frequency of emails to be sent to the same group of people, you can customize the email ids and create one list. The group id created for these email ids can be used while sending the email, this helps in avoiding the mistake of missing the people to whom the email has to be sent and it is a great time saver.

Try these tips to enhance the work experience with the outlook.


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