USB Security Tips

USB flash drive is a portable plug and play storage device which is convenient, portable and inexpensive. These devices are useful while transferring data from one computer to the other computer. The data can be retained for a longer period and can be used safely.
These devices can be used securely when the risks are gauged and proper measures are taken to handle them.

Here are a few suggestions for minimizing the risk while using the USB drives
–   Use passwords or encryption to protect your data

–   Do not use the USB that is found, it might contain virus that will collapse your computer

–   Use antivirus, anti-spyware in order to make the computer less vulnerable to the virus attacks. Always use updated software

–   Download applications from a valid and a trusted source

–    Use different USB for an official use and a personal use

–    Avoid using the computer about which you know nothing, to save your computer from virus attacks.

–     Disable the Autorun feature, it prevents from opening the file automatically.

In order to avoid these kinds of problems, always be alert and try to use the updated antivirus software and also should be careful on the purchase of the USB.

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