Tips to reduce water consumption in catering operations

We all should do our part to regulate water usage. Catering industry in particular can make a huge impact on reducing water consumption.

Below are few tips, which can be followed to reduce water consumption.

Energy Saving Equipment

Use the equipment which enables to save energy. It might be a one-time investment in purchasing the equipment, as such equipment helps in reducing the energy intake and reduces the water consumption over a period of time.

Repairing all leaks immediately

Attention to drips of water leakage can have a huge impact on water usage. Whenever one notices a water leakage, it is mandatory to fix it immediately. If it is required to upgrade the kitchen taps which aides in less water consumption, then upgrade it to have a positive effect on water usage.

Food defrosting under running water

Food defrosting takes time. Gallons of water are wasted when the frozen food is kept under the running water to bring it back to the normal stage. It is important to use other methods, wherein the food can be defrosted.

Recycling the waste water

Reusing the reclaimed water is one method by which one can make the most available water.

Food waste channels

In some catering facilities food waste is disposed in a channel with constantly flowing water. Instead of using these kind of channels, alternative method of food disposal should be used.

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