Maintaining food safety on outdoor catering

Whenever there is a business event, social affair or any kind of gatherings, caterer or a restaurant is consulted for the food requirement. It has become a challenge to concentrate on all aspects (i.e., from production to service) of handling food properly.

It is a risk to food safety from the way the food is handled and transported to the location of service. If the staff is trained properly on food handling and are aware of the tips to keep food safe from contamination, the risk can be averted.

Here are few tips to help handle food safety as per the food safety standards at various events:

Safe food preparation practices:

As per the food preparation temperature requirements, the food should be prepared at the recommended temperatures to get rid of possible contaminants. During the food transit process appropriate insulated food carriers should be used separately for hot and cold foods in order to retain the desired temperature. The hot food should be kept above 63°C and the cold food below 5°C for proper food safety.

Extra Protection for the outdoor events:

Cover the food displayed to protect it from the possible hazards like flies, wind, pests etc. make use of sanitize buckets to keep the clothes that are used for wiping the area clean to prevent cross contamination.

Use clean dishes:

Use clean dishes every time you require one for the preparation or for service. Set up hand washing stations to wash the dishes before use, if required. The wash area should be kept clean and dry during the preparation and service to prevent injuries.

These simple steps help in proper handling of food and also do a better service at the outdoor events.


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