Tips to keep kitchen clean

A clean, safe and hygienic kitchen lowers the risk of accidents in the kitchen.

At JIC clean, hygienic and safe kitchen is the top priority in order to produce safe food. We follow few techniques to keep the kitchen clean and safe.

Staff Training

Staff is employed specifically for cleaning purposes. The employed staff is provided with the required training on the cleaning techniques, hygienic practices which helps them in keeping the premises neat and clean.

Establish A Cleaning Schedule

These staff are provided with a cleaning schedule to ensure that all the areas are thoroughly cleaned. A checklist is provided to them wherein they have to check mark the places cleaned and ensure that the areas attended regularly are also kept neat and clean.

Splashes on walls

The tendency for the bacteria to grow is more where there is oil, sauces and other food product spill and splash on the walls. Special attention is given to wipe out these splashes to keep the walls and kitchen premises neat and clean.

Stains underneath or behind the kitchen equipment

If the stains underneath or behind the kitchen equipment are not attended immediately they tend to become stubborn and residue, which becomes a potential breeding place for bacteria. Hence these areas should also be given equal importance and should be included in the checklist for cleaning regularly.

Keep your Waste Area Tidy

The very important place to attract pests and bacteria is the waste area of any kitchen. If the waste is kept in open, overflowing and untied garbage bags, it will be a breeding place for the bacteria.

We use color coded bins to segregate waste and empty the bins regularly to avoid overflow of waste. It becomes our priority to keep the waste area clean and tidy.

Keep your kitchen clean, safe and hygienic.


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