Safeguarding the Facebook Account

Face book has become a very vital part in most of our lives. It gets us connected to the rest of the world and gives us current updates of our friends and family. We login to Face book every day through so many devices, like phone, tab, laptop or though desktop. When one logs in through so many devices at different times there is a tendency to leave the face book without logging out resulting in gaining access to strangers.

To prevent the access to your account by another person follow these simple steps.

 Activate Login Notifications

Login notifications are an extra security feature in Face book.  When you turn on login notifications, Face book sends an alert each time someone logs into your account from a new place.

To turn on notifications

–                     Go to your security setting

–                     Click on the Login Notification section

–                     Check the box next to the type of alerts you’d like to receive and save your

Activate Login Approval

Login approvals is an extended security feature offered by Face book, it requires you to enter a security code each time you try to access your Face book account from unrecognized devices.

To activate Login Approvals

–         Go to Account Settings

–         Security

–         Look for login approvals

–         Click the Edit button

Create an Unguessable Password

When you create a random password, you increase your security and decrease the chance of getting access to your face book account by another user or software.

The password created may be a string of random characters like !c0lAx%ip& and the longer the password the better.

Do not enter your login info into an App inside Face book

Some applications on Face book require your face book username and password. Do not enter your details as these applications might be malicious. Stay away from these applications.

Don’t keep me logged in

When you login to your face book account, at the Log in page, there’s a small checkbox that says keep me logged in. Make sure you uncheck this box and log in as usual. If you do this every time you log in to your face book account you will be asked for your email and password.

Always Log out

Log out if you know that there is possibility for someone else to use the same computer as you.

Hope these steps will help you maintain a safe face book account

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