Personal Protective Equipment


Every work place has hazards in different forms. Controlling a hazard at its source is the best way to protect the employees from it.

Depending on the work place conditions, different Personal Protective Equipment is used to minimize the exposure to a variety of hazards.

In JIC the protective clothing differs depending on the different working areas. This will also serve to distinguish our employees working in different production areas.

The food handlers wear personal protective equipment not only to save from work place hazards but also to protect food from contamination.

Our food handlers use the following PPE :

Hand Gloves

Hair net


Mouth mask

Safety shoes

Jackets for freezer room

Oven gloves

Chain mill gloves and aprons

Certain PPEs like hairnet, gloves, apron, and mouth mask would also serve for food protection.

The above-mentioned PPEs are held in the following manner:

Hairnet: Failure to wear hair nets in the foodservice industry will often result in health code violations and customer complaints.

Mouth mask: It protects the food from getting contaminated from any of the mouth spits or any bacterial infection.

Hand gloves: The correct use of gloves can afford a measure of food protection during food preparation and service.

Disposable gloves: Use of the gloves is appropriate in food assembling when manual contact is unavoidable, such as sandwich, salad, etc.

If the disposable gloves are used incorrectly, then they can be contaminated, like the hands, with bacteria which can cause food borne illness. The gloves will then become a source of food contamination. It should not be used as a substitute for hand washing. But on the contrary hand washing to be done more frequently after wearing the disposable gloves.

Other safety PPEs like Freezer Jackets protects the body from getting cold while entering into the freezer rooms.

Oven Gloves protects our hand from getting burns.

Chain mill gloves and aprons protect our body  from getting cuts or wounds while cutting the food products like frozen chicken, meat, fish, etc.

Above all, training must be provided to all those who wear PPE for their better understanding and proper usage of the PPE.

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