Supplier’s Document Process

Choosing the best supplier for the required products depends on the wide range of factors like facility audit, quality of material, value for money, reliability, prompt delivery and after service and availability of appropriate required documents.

After considering all the above-mentioned aspects while choosing the best supplier, below is the emphasis on the documents requirements:

  1. It might not require all the documents for all types of suppliers, hence it is important to determine what kind of documents required for which kind of suppliers.
  2. If the supplier belongs to the service category then the required documents might not be the same as that of a regular items supplier. Hence categorize the documentation as per the suppliers’ category.
  3. A combination of suppliers which belongs to the similar or near to similar category can have the same set of documents.
  4. A matrix showing the various suppliers and the category of material supply should be made. Based on that the document requirement depend on the category of supplies can be made. Through this matrix it would be easy to check if a combination of suppliers can get the same kind of documents.
  5. Create a process depicting the supplier sourcing and the document requirements for the suppliers and service providers.

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