Temperature Control and its importance in food industry

Food borne illness is a major threat in food business and it has become a major challenge to all the food related industries to serve healthy food.

Food preparation is one part and serving it at the right temperatures is also important. Every food has to be kept under the prescribed temperature controls.

At JIC we follow ISO 22000:2000 (Food Safety Management System). This helps in ensuring that the food is prepared and served at set standards and procedures.

In spite of all the precautions taken the major threat would still be microorganisms and its growth at various levels.

We at JIC follow our best practices of taking complete control on the temperatures of the food ensuring safe food is being served to our customers.

Few temperature readings we should know in order to have a complete control on the food we store or serve:

Temperature Ranging from (+5°C to +63°C):

This temperature is suitable for the bacteria to grow and reproduce in the food leading to food poisoning. This temperature is considered as Danger Zone and the food is at a very high risk.

Temperature Ranging from (0°C to +5°C):

This range is applicable for chillers and refrigerators. Bacteria in this temperature multiplies at a slow pace. Food gets spoiled if it is stored for more than a day in this temperature. Dairy, poultry, vegetables etc., cannot be stored under this temperature range.

Temperature Ranging from (-18°C to -22°C):

This temperature is suitable for storing meat, fish and vegetable products up to the recommended date as per the specifications mentioned.

Temperature Ranging (above 63°C):

Food when served should be above 63°C. In this temperature the bacteria dies and it is the safest for serving food hot. Proper monitoring of temperature at frequent intervals is essential during the food service.


One should know exactly what food should be stored at which temperature range and for how long. If we are well aware of these temperature ranges then we can save ourselves and our customers from food borne illness.


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