Improving Employee Performance

Every manager wants his employees to perform well using their abilities to the fullest. Practically speaking does this happen all the time. Well we all have experienced ups and downs in our productivity; though we try to give our best due to the circumstances we are unable to give our cent percent.

At these times a clear two-way dialogue will help in understanding the root cause of the performance and the solution for performing better can happen.

At JIC we follow few simple steps to improve our Employee Performance.

Encourage Communication:

We encourage employee communication at all levels. During our meetings we encourage employees to voice out the difficulties they are facing, if the issue can be resolved immediately we do it there itself. The team leaders explain to them the organizational policies, culture and the changes which take place. We also share with them the effective ways to overcome future challenges.

Find out the reasons why an employee is under-performing:

When we see our employees are under-performing, the HR manager and the Unit Head try to analyze the situations rather than jumping into conclusions. They approach the employee with an open-minded attitude, get into particular discussion with him and ask open ended questions (those which cannot be answered with a simple yes or no). They listen patiently to the answers and discuss the issues to determine the root cause of the problem. In case a personal or domestic problem is surfaced, they try to adjust to the regular routine for a short period, or if an exception is made, they make sure that other employees are informed about it; as this might be sited as an example in the future.

Create positive work environment:

A positive work environment is created to make the employees feel they are very important to the company and the time they spend it worthwhile, because of which the staff doesn’t feel restrained at any point in time. If they feel that they have any work-related queries they are empowered to approach his immediate Supervisor/Unit Head at any time.


Provides Effective Training:

The employees are provided on the job training which helps them stand at par with the company standards.

The effective training provided by our training department equips them to be more efficient and more productive.

Fun is important element too:

Too much work can lead to less productivity. Our HR initiated a program called fun day picnic. The employees are given a time off and are taken to different places wherein they can have some entertaining games, activities etc., this rejuvenates them to come back afresh and perform well in their assignments.

Rewards & Recognition:

We recognize and reward the employee’s performance (regardless of small or big) and his contributions towards the company’s growth. This boost and motivates other employees to perform well.

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