Strategies for Fun Work Culture

Employees want a positive energetic force at the work place. This brings the liveliness at work and can ward off the difficulties and excuses the employees are facing.

Our employees want a challenging and encouraging workplace where Fun is also part of the workplace culture.

Our workplace culture tells our company’s complete story, which consists of success celebrations, awards and accomplishments, employee satisfaction, to name a few.

In order to keep the productivity high, stringent work rules should be relaxed and fun should be induced into work atmosphere.

The fun culture facilitates an employee to get the feeling that they belong to the company. This sense of belonging creates an understanding to perform better and thus helps the company’s growth. This belonging helps the employees to focus on their work, learn from each other, get inspired and try innovative things in collaboration with the fellow employees.

Few strategies for a fun work culture

Introduce challenges within the teams

When friendly challenges are introduced within the team, there is a competitive atmosphere, wherein all the teams will strive hard to be the winner and get diverted from the regular work which helps them to revive and work with refreshed minds. At JIC we have introduced fortnightly & monthly games where friendly competitions are held. These competitions within the teams help them have a better coordination and understanding within the team members, and they work together towards winning the game. This helps them in bonding and also getting distracted from their work routine.


There are instances where the employees might not get along very well because of which the work suffers and the productivity dips lows. Where there is coordination and understanding between the employees there they tend to perform better and the productivity increases. To enhance the bonding between the employees, JIC took an initiative to conduct Fun day picnics, Team building activities and Fortnightly activities for the staff. This is the time where the employees get to know more about their fellow employees and the interaction in these sessions help them to bond which results in a revived mindset and they perform better together.

Breaking the monotony of continuous work

To break the monotony of continuous work without proper break, JIC took an initiative to provide breaks during the work hours which helped the employees to work with a focused mind and give enhanced productivity when compared to the continuous work.

Awards & Accomplishments Celebrations

At JIC we make it a point to recognize employee’s achievements; they are rewarded with the awards like star of the month and star of the star. Apart from employee recognition, as a token of appreciation the management makes it a point to celebrate with its employees on the event of receiving awards. This encourages the employees to perform better as an individual and as a team.

Follow these strategies to get a happy employee with increased productivity.


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