Importance of Staff Welfare

The activities that are done for the comfort of the employees which boosts the morale and acts as an activator in fulfilling the given tasks within the prescribed time are staff welfare activities. These activities are done in addition to the salaries provided.


Welfare activities need not be in terms of monetary benefits always, it can be through the welfare, working conditions, recreation, health etc.,


The reason behind providing these welfare facilities is to create healthy, efficient, satisfied and loyal employees. Which also helps in retaining the work life balance and raises the standard of their living.


We at JIC take utmost care in providing welfare and recreational facilities to our employees. Initially the management understands the needs of our employees and determines their requirements. Basing on the feedback received a program is structured and put into action.


Periodic feedback is sought in order to understand whether an employee is satisfied with the facilities provided to them and the recreational activities are able to help them in retaining the work life balance. These activities are prone to periodic reviews and the improvement from the existing activities is brought into practice.

Recreational activities indeed boost the morale of the employees and their productivity also increases. We celebrate birthdays of employees to give them a home away from home feeling.


A weekly activity called Funday picnic is arranged for the employees, who would go on a city tour or visit few places of their choice as a team. A good time of bonding with the other employees is encouraged through these picnics, this helps in team building and helps in gaining confidence with the fellow employees.



A fortnightly activity called “Thunders” is specially designed for the employees wherein the games are conducted and the employees belonging to various teams participate. The winners and runners-up are announced and the gifts are awarded to them.


A monthly activity called “Twister” is organized for the office staff to escape from the regular routine and take part in the activities. This is again a time of bonding for the employees.


A job well done is recognized through the “Star of the Month” and the “Star of the Star” Awards.


In this manner there are so many recreational, competitions and other activities are held to boost the confidence and motivate the employees to perform better. These activities are provided to our employees to show that we care for them and value them.

 Providing good employee welfare reflects the good image of the company and also shows that the management cares for its employees.

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