A leader brings people together to a common objective. Not all who bring the people together becomes an effective leader. The ability to assign tasks to the relevant member of the team and get the task completed without any delay and if needed, help in completing the tasks while handling all kind of situations displays effective leadership. A visionary leader has the capacity to influence people by means of personal characteristics and/or behaviors to achieve a common goal.

Who are leaders?

Focused on the behavioral aspects of individuals who are ambitious and ability to perform are influential leaders.

At JIC we provide opportunities to our middle and junior levels managers, as well as employees to become effective leaders.

What is an effective leadership style?

Experience suggests that successful leaders don’t invariably behave in identical ways. They may act very differently, even in similar situations, and have quite different personalities.

We train our employees to be effective leaders; we review their performance on a regular basis, and in case of any lapses; further internal/external training is suggested and ultimately make our employees effective leaders.

Is leadership a process?

Leadership is definitely a process where an individual influences others towards an objective.

As insights into the nature of leadership and the effectiveness of leaders have evolved greatly, it’s clear that individual behaviors alone cannot fully explain leadership effectiveness.

With that in mind, leadership has been described as a process, or as a capability of the organization (rather than individual), emphasizing the interplay of leaders, followers, and the organizational context that impact leadership effectiveness.

Creating Leaders@ JIC

JIC uses various channels for developing the leadership qualities in an individual.

Interested employees who are keen at career development are given an opportunity to nominate their names for the career development program which is conducted every six months.

Additionally; during the performance review, the immediate Manager advises about his further promotion based on the achievements.

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