Importance of Intranet Portal

The intranet portal at JIC is a gateway that unifies access to all information and applications. It is a tool that helps to manage its data, applications and information more easily. The portal allows in streamlining communication and collaboration across the organization.

At JIC it has become a success story in distributing information to the employees. Launched in January 2015, every employee has access by using his employee id and password.

The HR team provides the needed data regarding employee records, employee training schedule, best employee of the year, events and celebration pictures and many more relevant and current information.

The ways in which the portal is of use can be seen in the following ways:

Information Dissemination

The intranet is the centralized location for all the updates of JIC happenings, activities, announcements, birthdays, employee achievements etc.


Details regarding planning, scheduling and delivery of training programs are supplied by the training department. Text, photos, slideshows and videos are easy to find here. This has enabled the HR department to monitor completion of training courses, respond to questions and assess learning.

Feedback Gathering

Using the portal, it has become easy to gather employee feedback. Apart from gathering employee feedback, the HR Department gets employee comments on documents and other content. Polls and surveys help HR collect employee opinions and inputs by analyzing the content, analysis of staff members’ status updates and intranet comments.

Community Building

The portal also helps in team building among the employees by marking the birthdays and anniversaries, organize special events and help employees know each other better. Posting photos and videos of JIC events also helps build the community and camaraderie.


The Recruitment process has become easier with the intranet portal. Internal recruitment is served by announcing vacancies and accepting applications via the intranet. The HR department uses the intranet to find internal talent to fill vacancies.


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