Protect yourself from computer/laptop radiation exposure

In this modern world almost, everyone uses a computer or a laptop.

We are all vulnerable to the Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) that emits from the computer/laptops. These radiations are very harmful for our health.  Therefore, it has become a necessity to know more about these radiations.

These electromagnetic waves are known as electromagnetic radiations which radiates from the electrically charges particles. It shows that EMF strength decreases with distance.

Here are a few tips to lower or eliminate the radiation completely while using your computer/laptop

1)      Use your laptop on a desk or other surface away from body and use a laptop radiation shield to protect you.

2)      Use your desktop a little away to reduce the radiation exposure.

3)      Take regular breaks as the radiation causes dryness and irritation to the eyes.

4)      Foods which has high Vitamin C & A should be consumed more as these foods creates its own natural Electro Magnetic Frequency protection

5)      Add a radiation filter cover to your laptop/computer monitor to reduce the radiation exposure.


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