Job Satisfaction

Work plays a major role in our lives. In our journey to be happy and productive, a strong understanding of one’s job and the sense of satisfaction is important. Dissatisfaction with the current job paves way to a negative influence on one’s life.

Job satisfaction can be influenced by the individual’s levels of motivation, which is a result of the quality of tasks assigned to him. The way in which the work is communicated to the employee and the overall environment plays a vital role.

Improving Job Satisfaction level among the employees:

Job satisfaction is most important for the career growth & performance of the employees, we at JIC evaluate employee satisfaction levels and have taken the following initiatives in order to improve employee job satisfaction of our employees.

Welfare activities

As a regular practice we engage employees in fun filled activities helping to de-stress from their routines. Various activities conducted as per the scheduled timelines help in providing much needed relief and rejuvenation. Enthusiastic participation from the employees coupled with the eagerness to innovate from the concerned department has contributed to the success of these activities.

Work Place Environment

Work Place Environment is a major factor influencing employee job satisfaction. Providing an ideal atmosphere in terms of relationship, communication and cooperation between supervisors and the staff helps them to achieve greater efficiency, which leads to satisfied employees. Feedback channels are also in place in order to monitor the prevailing atmosphere.


We provide adequate resources to our employees, which enables a smooth workflow and also ensures that the employees do not face any constraint in fulfilling the assigned tasks. Employees are provided with the necessary training and support as per their job description. Evaluating the performance before and after the training helps in improving the grey areas, if any.

Reward & Recognition

Appreciating outstanding performers is a regular practice here; whereby the employees who excel in their roles and meet qualified parameters are suitably recognized and rewarded. This motivates other employees to perform better and get a chance to win the recognition.


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