Mobile Security Awareness

A smartphone is like a small portable computer, just like the way a computer gets infected with virus, getting hacked and if it is unsecured it can also provide access to your personal information the same way a smartphone can get infected.

Few simple tips to keep your mobile secured at all the times:

–       Read the mobile operating instructions manual carefully. The security setting, pin settings, infrared settings etc. this helps to keep your mobile secured from malicious programs.

–       Set a pin which is unpredictable yet easy to remember.

–       Note the IMEI code of your mobile. This number helps to prevent the access to the stolen mobile. Using the IMEI number the operator can block the mobile.

–       Do not make your mobile a source of personal data, it is always dangerous to lose important data to strangers.

–       Define your own trusted devices which can be connected to your mobile through Bluetooth

–       While downloading applications through Bluetooth or MMS attachments, one should be careful as it might contain harmful software which will affect the mobile.

–       Regularly, backup important data in the mobile phone.

–       Avoid downloading content from any untrusted sources

–       Use free cleansing tools that are available on the internet to clean the malicious software in your mobile.




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