Interactive Training at Al Jazeera International Catering Company

JIC choose the path of excellence and had identified training as a basic tool for the development of its employees.

Our training department plays a major role in educating and developing the employees throughout their journey with JIC. The key control of Training Department is directly linked with the HSE Department (Health and Safety Department).

We integrated Training Department with HSE and named HSET Department (Health and Safety Training Department) where it is directly or indirectly linked with all other departments throughout the organization.

Identify some of the basic major elements which guides or acts as a path in developing the career of its employees through Competency Matrix. This Matrix clearly describes the necessary training to be provided at all levels of employees working within the Organization.

Based on the competency matrix, training department determines the basic training needs of an employee to perform the assigned task. A training calendar has been developed for the year ensuring all the basic topics related to ISO standards (FSMS, EMS and OHSAS) is updated and incorporated in the training calendar.

A unique Strategy called “EDGE Methodology” is implemented in the training department which ensures the carrier growth of all the employees.


Our employees have to undergo three stage induction training:

a) Human Resource Department – Explains about our company polices, accommodation, food, salary details, Medical facilities, allowances, Insurance policy, Uniform, Dos and Don’ts etc.…

b)HSET Department – Explains about the ISO Standards (FSMS, EMS, OHSAS), policies & procedures implemented in our organization.

c) Operations – Explains about the nature of job to be performed and the procedure to be

followed to fulfill the individual task by assigning and setting objectives and targets.

D – Demonstrate:

After the induction the training plan is made by identifying the basic training requirement for employees to completely fulfill his or her task.

Different training tools are used based on the requirement for easy understanding.

The below mentioned are some tools used:

  1. Video presentation – Unique video presentations are made using our employees while they are performing the task (On job).
  2. Pictorial presentation – the slides with maximum pictures for easy understanding are used.
  3. Skits – Food safety and Health and safety related live skit are performed.
  4. PPT presentations – For the managers and supervisors.
  5. Online presentations – Demonstrating the current updates.
  6. On Job training: Demonstrating the nature of work live.
  1. Knowledge Sharing Forums – senior employees share their knowledge to develop the career growth of employees.
  1. Mock drills – conducting mock drills in various scenarios like Fire, gas Leakage, Chemical Spill etc.…


After the rigorous training provided to the employee, he or she will be assigned a task under well experienced seniors in the organization, who acts as a guide while performing the given responsibilities.

During the period of guidance and on job training from the seniors, training department continuously monitors the performance of the employee through feedback from supervisors, managers and Quality control officers.


Once HSET (Health and Safety Training Department) and Operations Department ensures that the employee is full-fledged to perform the task, he or she will be given full empowerment to work alone without any assistance. Each employee is monitored on their performance by KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and are promoted to next level with appraisals.


Our training department works hard every day trying to make training more engaging by itself to impart the knowledge to all JIC employees thus by creating a culture within the organization to safely perform the task and reveal or make an employee to identify and develop the potential he or she possess.

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