Steps to avoid or minimize stress

When we are overloaded with work and everything seems to have become too much and beyond control and wonder whether we can cope up with the demands that is being placed before us results in work related STRESS.

Having pressure at work can be looked at from a different perspective, it can be a positive element and may be a motivation to perform better and at times it is essential to have pressure to achieve the targets and show a better performance, but when this pressure becomes excessive it becomes stress which is a reaction of pressure.

At JIC we follow few simple tips to minimize or avoid stress

  1. Get physical

We understand the employee’s stressful situations that affect their physical being as well as their routine work.

All the measures like providing facilities for indoor and outdoor gaming activities which help to distress have been provided.

  1. Talk it over

Having someone to share our problems can be of a great help and get de-stressed.

Our HR department is always there to have a one to one talk with the employees and listen to their personal and official grievances and provide counselling sessions if needed.

  1. Relaxation

To get de-stressed from the work, one way is to divert the mind from the work and get relaxed.  Employees are taken on outdoor funday picnics and provide facilities like recreation rooms to play varieties of indoor games and participate in the competitions held.

  1. Learn to say ‘No’

Most of us out of fear say yes for all the additional tasks thrown our way. The fight between completing the additional tasks and because of many constraints the inability to complete the tasks ends up in being pressurized and stressed.

Instead of all this, learning to say, “NO” to additional tasks will help to reduce the stress levels.

  1. Manage your time

At times, we all feel overburdened by our incomplete tasks and that becomes a cause for stress.

We should know that we cannot do everything at one time so prioritizing our tasks help us to be organized and complete the work within the specified time.

At JIC we train our employees on time management and each employee is given individual objectives and are monitored by the immediate supervisor on a regular basis.




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