Tips to prepare Incident Reports

An incident report should give a thorough account of firsthand information of the exact facts that has occurred at the scene of incident. It is crucial to follow the appropriate protocol describing the incident clearly in the submitted report.

Here are few tips to follow while preparing the incident report

–      Follow the instructions on the incident report form

–      Write a descriptive report of the incident

–    The report should made immediately on the day the incident occurred as one might forget the basic facts if the report is delayed for a day or two.


–     The report should contain the basic information like date, time, location and the details of the incident, name of the person who is reporting the incident etc.,

–      Names of the people who were present at the location when the incident occurred.

–   Describe what made you come to the scene of incident. The purpose of your visit to the scene of incident should be objective and factual.

–     The report should consist of the chronological narrative of the factual scene. Report should consist of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and Why happening at the incident scene.

–      Write the report in a descriptive manner, leaving no room for misinterpretation. Do not write anything which you are not sure that might have happened.

–       Confusing language should not be used while describing the incident. Write it clear and concise.

–        Make sure the information provided is as per the report.

–    Reread the report for grammatical errors and the information provided is appropriate and factual before submission.


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