Incident Free Workplace

At Al Jazeera International Catering we developed an “INCIDENT FREE” culture. A strategy to make our workplace Incident Free for our employees’ safety and security and creating an awareness of the work-related hazards they might face in their day to day work.          

Report Incidents

A small incident like cuts, burns or injuries when occurred at work place is reported through the incident report by filling the incident investigation form. The incident irrelevant of big or small is investigated by the HSET department analyzing the root cause of the incidents and relating it to the existing control measures and identifies the corrective preventive action to mitigate such type of occurrence in future.

Any reported incidents are immediately shared in the departmental meeting or tool box talks etc., making aware of the occurrence of the situations and ensuring that the repetition of the same incident does not occur in the future.

In our Catering, Housekeeping and Laundry Services, all the work-related activities and the equipment used for the work is identified as risk, taking this into consideration Risk Assessment Template is made identifying the hazards with appropriate control measures to mitigate the incident occurrence.

We follow these steps to make our work area free from incidents:

Involve Employees:

All our employees have to undergo Health and Safety induction on the topics which are identified as risk in their routine Jobs. A Health and safety manual is created describing the existing preventive measures identified for the Health and Safety of Employees.

HSET (Health and Safety Environment Training Department) implemented procedures and policies to keep the work area free from incidents, communicates the work place hazards through daily TBT talks and regular training and continuously monitors. The training is provided to the employees by using different training tools like PowerPoint presentations, Video modules, Practical classes, Mock drills etc.,

Review Prior Incidents:

We managed to reduce the incidents at our workplace through an effective tool called Risk Assessment Template (RAT).

What is RAT?

Risk Assessment Template (RAT) is the Identification, Evaluation and Estimation of the levels of risk involved in a situation.

All the risks involved in the operations are identified with Risk, appropriate Control measures are implemented and the staff is educated on the same to create an incident free workplace.

In Case the repeated incidents are occurred, it is a clear indication that the current risk assessment for that particular hazard is not effective. The effective control measures are identified by discussing with the Emergency Response Team for that particular hazard and the Risk Assessment Template is revised. the same is communicated to the staff for effective implementation.

Emergency Response Team

JIC has identified the potential candidates who could handle emergency situations and provided them training through approved external agencies on First Aid and Fire Fighting and later formed “Emergency Response Team”.

The First Aiders and fire Fighters are made available 24/7 with in the JIC operations to ensure the Health and Safety of JIC employees. Frequent inspections are conducted by the ERT and HSET teams to ensure all the safety systems installed within the JIC premises are in good condition.


JIC believes building an INCIDENT FREE Culture and team safety behaviors will always help to further develop the organization with increased productivity, higher morale, real savings, reduce accidents, minimize insurance claims and reduce absenteeism and turnover.



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