Living with food can be challenging but worth it!!!

Most of us are unaware of the situations causing Food borne Diseases. We assume that every food that comes to us is ready to consume and the journey from farm to fork is like a cake walk. The journey from On-farm Production, Harvesting, Processing, Storage, Transport, Distribution and Final Delivery to the customer, at every stage there is a threat of food getting affected in one way or the other. Because of these infections caused by the contaminated food, people with fragile Health status get hit harder.

For example: Children, Elderly, Pregnant Women and people with certain health conditions are prone to get affected very soon compared to the healthy people. These diseases are very severe and the consequences may be death in some cases.

To improve upon these situations and be safe in consuming the food products one should be made aware of the latest Technologies that can be used in producing a better-quality food. When handling the produce from farm to the market every care has to be taken to safeguard it from getting contaminated.

To improve on the food safety methodologies everyone has a role to play.  Achieving food safety is an effort which requires expertise from different disciplines. All the people engaged should communicate and engage with different consumer groups and create awareness about the importance of consuming safe food.

Awareness on the common food Hazards and handling the food safely like pre-washing of the raw vegetables or using the information provided on the processed food cans label or cooking food at the right temperatures should be created.

People should be aware of the best food choices and adapt to tolerable behaviors.





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