Safe Weight Lifting & Handling Techniques

At JIC, we follow proper methods of weight lifting and handling to protect against injuries arise while lifting weights. Proper weight lifting makes work easier.

Below are the basic steps for lifting and handling weight safely:

  • Check the overall conditions of the weight.
  • If the load appears to be too heavy, don’t attempt to life the weight all by yourself.
  • If you maintain enough space between objects, it ensures that there won’t be a trip over an obstacle and there would be enough space for moving the objects.
  • Make sure your balance is good. Feet should be positioned evenly (shoulder width apart), with one foot beside the other and the other foot behind the object that is to be lifted.
  • Bend (the knees; don’t stop). Keep the back straight, but not vertical.
  • Grip the load firmly with both hands.
  • Use your body weight to start the load moving, and then lift by pushing up with the legs.
  • Keep the arms and elbows close to the body while lifting.
  • Carry the load close to the body. Don’t twist your body while carrying the load. To change direction, shift your foot position and turn your whole body.
  • To lower the object, bend the knees.
  • To deposit the load on a bench or shelf, place it on the edge and push it into position.
  • Make sure your hands and feet are clear when placing the load.





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