Anything and everything can inspire us. Inspiration leads to success.


In an organization the leader should have a positive approach towards motivating his employees. Looking at an issue with a positive perspective can motivate employees to better their performance and exceed the expectations of the management.


The ability to listen, understand and provide solutions and motive his team to fulfill the objectives is the best quality of a leader.


At a certain point in time, employees face challenging situations, to overcome those situations they need a leader who could ease those situations through his motivational talk and provide solutions.


At JIC the managerial cadre is provided with external training to learn and understand the importance of motivating the employees and being successful in their endeavors. The same knowledge is imparted to the other employees by conducting various training sessions and sharing the inspiring success stories of the achievers and their achievements through the TBT talks so that the others perform better in their job role.


The best employee is recognized as Star of the Month and Star of the Star and rewarded for his best performance as a motivation. The others employees get inspired by this recognition and strive to perform better.  


Our sites are awarded with the Best HSE site award for their performance in maintaining the hygiene and other aspects that are taken into consideration.


Not only our employees, our sites but also we appreciate the external stakeholders for their performance through the Best Supplier Award. This award motivates them and they continue to provide their best services and this also acts as a motivation to other suppliers to perform better.


One of the mantras to a successful organization is to be motivated and motivate others to better the performance and succeed in all the endeavors

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