Importance of Manpower Planning

The process where the right number of people at the right place and right time can efficiently perform the given tasks within the set timelines and thus achieving the overall objectives of an organization is manpower planning. A clear planning is required for the manpower requirement.

Why is manpower planning essential:

The manpower planning is essential as it maintains the balance between the demand and supply of required manpower to complete the required tasks in order to achieve the organizational objectives.

At JIC we follow a procedure where we analyze the current manpower and forecast the future man power requirement and as per the analysis and requirement we hire the right candidates for the required job role.

We perform a gap analysis comparing the current requirement and the projected manpower requirement. This analysis requires the details of the specific number of employees required. The steps to be taken to train the employees, skill set required undertaking the various job roles in our company.

Our strategic planning helps to create various programs to facilitate the actual implementation of the gap analysis results. These programs are used to impart the required skills to the employees for better performance.


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