Importance of food quality

Food Quality is an important issue. We trust that the food we purchase is safe and is of good quality.

How to establish food quality? Is it determined by metrics, comparing it with other elements that are as per the food standards or something related to color, texture or smell?

The information like composition of food products on the product labels or through advertising, which is not false and misleading, helps us in taking an informed decision.

At Al Jazeera International Catering, we consider food quality and safety as our primary and basic value composition for our customers. That is why the quality aspect is being embedded into the organization at all stages of food production process, ensuring quality compliance from farm to fork.

Our key aspects for ensuring quality in the food we serve to our clients are: 


“The beginning is the most important part of the work” as rightly said, we ensure our supplies are sourced as per our predefined quality standards and is procured only from our pre-qualified suppliers who fulfill our quality and HSE requirements.


Though trust is the major part in stakeholder relationship, the verification of the product for quality checks by our QHSE staff is mandatory process while receiving the stock.


Our HACCP systems which emphasis on food quality and safety as the core component through the operations process is put in place to ensure the quality products are delivered. The checklist and the designated parameters are used to monitor the same and also to ensure that quality is adhered with accountability and responsibility at all levels.

The monitoring and adherence is further validated and improved through regular QHSE inspections, third party audits and regulatory compliance checks.

Quality from the beginning to the end should be the motto, be it professional or personal front. 


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