Organizing a filing cabinet

It is very important to take time and effort to develop a systematic way of organizing
papers which helps in saving time and hassle free papers.

Here are few tips to help organize the files and keep them under control:

–          Create a filing system that’s simple and easy to use. Organize in such a way that it               would be easy to find the files easily and conveniently.

–          Make a list of files that would go into the system.

–          Personalize the filing cabinets and files.

–          Avoid creating a miscellaneous folder. Miscellaneous folder does more harm than             good, especially when it comes to retrieving data quickly. Instead, focus on the                      item in question and try to find a better filing solution.

–          Prepare folders and label them.

–          Clean the filing cabinet and drop all the pre-labeled files into the cabinet.

–          Place all the papers and files into the appropriate folders.

–          Dispose of all the unwanted papers and file papers which are essential.

–          It is better to file the documents on a daily basis rather than on a monthly basis

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