Employee Engagement at JIC

Creating an environment where our employees are motivated to get connected with their work and their colleagues has become a way of life in our organization.

We believe that the employee engagement enhances the bond between the employees and employers. The moment the employee gets a sense of personal attachment, he gets strongly motivated to give in his best efforts and in turn he becomes one of the reasons for the organization’s success.

Strategies are designed in line with the organizational goals to ensure our employees are committed to our organization’s goals and values and at the same time are able to enhance their own sense of well being. We have introduced numerous welfare, cultural, and recreational facilities as part of our employee engagement process.

Various indoor and outdoor sports competitions are conducted on a fortnightly and monthly basis to inculcate the sports spirit within the employees. Employees representing their teams participate enthusiastically depicting the winning spirit.

Various recreational activities are conducted for employees’ recreation at the recreational facility provided for the employees.

We acknowledge our employees on their achievements through recognition and rewards.

Knowledge sharing sessions are conducted to educate and equip our employees on the work related issues.

Understanding that communication is very essential for effective functioning of any organization, all the upcoming events and the latest news is communicated to the employees on a regular basis through our various internal communication channels (like internal newsletters, JIC Portal, emails, meetings, etc).

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part in our organization. In our CSR initiatives like Blood Donation Campaign, Health Camp and different environment related activities our employees’ voluntary support has helped to accomplish the desired results.

We encourage employee engagement by acknowledging the employees need for bonding and team work, by doing this we have seen that there is active involvement of the employees and definite change in their behavior which gave them more recognition, accolades and rewards.


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