Importance of Customer Feedback

Customers look for a dynamic and a memorable service, anticipating their needs and are able to resolve it. When the individual problems faced by our customers are addressed they appreciate the initiative and these actions which actually sour the relationship with the service provider will turn into a positive situation.

Understanding that customer feedback is one of the very important tools to identify the food safety and quality hazards in the food industry, we at JIC give utmost priority to our customer feedback on our services rendered to our clients.

We incorporated a very good practice, a regular review of customer complaints which helped to identify the potential food hazards. The customer complaints are reviewed on monthly basis and necessary action is taken to mitigate the complaints. These complaints are categorized into microbiological, chemical, physical, quality and allergens.

These complaints helped us to review the problem areas and work on mitigating the complaints. Being visible and transparent in our business by communicating to the customers about their expectations will build their rapport and trust. This is achieved through increasing the frequency of collecting customer feedback and being proactive in resolving the issues and relates the complaints back to hazard analysis. If we know where we go wrong, it would be easy to control the food safety compliance risks.

Gaining feedback is vital to protecting our reputation. Without this, we will never know who is unhappy with our service and be able to take the steps necessary to tackle areas of poor service and rebuild our relationship with those customers.



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