Hazards from Ladder and its preventions

Falls from heights are a major work place hazard resulting in serious and fatal injuries. These hazards can be eliminated or significantly reduced by proper planning the fall protection and by providing necessary supervision.

Below are the hazards associated with ladders


  • Falls from ladders
  •  Struck by falling ladders
  •  Struck by materials falling from ladders
  •  Tripping over ladders (erect or lying on floor)
  •  Lifting heavy ladders
  •  Striking persons or objects when carrying ladders
  •  Contact with electrical equipment

   How to prevent from Ladder Hazards

  •  Use the right ladder for the right job
  •  Inspect the ladder before and after use
  •  Get help when moving heavy or long ladders
  •  Ensure that portable ladders of all types are placed on a stable surface
  •  When climbing make sure your shoes/boots are clear of mud and grease
  •  Protect base of ladder from accidental contact with traffic (human or vehicle) by securing it with hazard tape or warning signs and or having someone present at the base
  • Face the ladder when ascending or descending – maintain 3 point contact
  • Hoist materials or attach them to a belt – do not carry materials in your hands
  • Make sure that only one person at a time is on the ladder
  • Never stand any higher than on the third rung from the top of a step ladder
  • Ensure that always use a fiberglass ladder rather than metal ladder around power lines

Follow simple steps to prevent falls from heights. 

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