Environmental Impacts and Aspects Register

To plan and control the environmental impacts, one must know what kind of impacts these are and come from where.

Aspects = the interaction with the environment

Impact = A Change to the Environment, Positive or Negative

JIC identifies and evaluates the actual potential aspects and impacts to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, from its activities, services and facilities. During the evaluation process the significant impacts to the environment are determined.

JIC considered the below points to make an effective environmental aspect analysis


Changing Oil

Aspects (Interaction)

Air Emissions

Use of Oil, Absorbent

Recycling of Oil

Impacts (Result)

Degrade Air Quality

Consumption of Natural Resources

Criteria Evaluation to be defined

Magnitude – (volume, size, or amount of the Impact)

Severity – (measure of the intensity of the Impact; impact, damage, or deterioration)

Probability – (measure of how likely it is that the Impact will occur)

Scoring System

Scoring System Can be Numerical or Descriptive, the simple the better.

1 to 5 or 1 to 10

Low, Medium, High


Procedure for effective Environment Aspect Analysis

  • Document the Process in Determining Activities, Impacts, and Significance
  • The Responsibilities and Frequency of Updating Activities, Impacts and Significance   should be mentioned
  • Consider “Management of Change” How the process to be Reviewed and Incorporate   Changes in Activities.
  • Engage Staff Across the Organization to Develop Activities List
  • Identify EAR Team to Identify Significant Impacts and give inputs.


It is essential to identify each possible environmental aspect and impact of it on our surroundings. We must do our part to preserve the resources for our future generations.

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