Fire Blanket

What is a fire blanket?

Fire blanket is a safety item used to extinguish small fires. Due to the simplicity of its nature, an inexperienced person can also use it without any difficulty. These fire blankets can fight temperatures up to 900F

Where to place it?

Fire Blankets should be kept at a quick and easy to access place. The sooner you get it; the chances will be better in containing the fire.

How to use the Fire Blanket

  • Ensure that you are positioned between the fire and a safe exit / escape route.
  • Pull down tabs to remove blanket from container.
  • Hold blanket by the corners and wrap to protect the exposed skin on hands and forearms (using the blanket to shield your face & hands) and then place or cover burning material completely.
  • Place the Fire Blanket gently on the flames.
  • Turn off the heat source coming from any electrical equipment or gas stove.
  • Let it remain on the flames until the flame is suffocated.
  • Call the Fire department if the severity of the flames increases.
  • Do not reuse, dispose the used blanket.



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