Food Safety Hazard

What is food safety hazard?

The potential to contaminate the food and cause it to be unsafe for consumption is food safety hazard and is found throughout the food supply chain.

There are basically 3 types of hazards, apart from this there is an allergen hazard which is capable of producing an abnormal immune response in sensitive segment of the population.

–          Biological Hazard: it is caused by bacteria, virus or parasites that are present in air, food and water.

Severe vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea might be caused due to food infection and food intoxication.

–          Physical Hazard: These hazards are mostly recognized by the customers as they find foreign bodies in food due to poor food handling practices or by accident which contaminates the food

Examples: metal piece, wood, glass, insects, stones, soil, dirt, jewelry, etc.

          Chemical Hazard: These hazards are caused mainly Chemical hazards are contamination mainly from the chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing the food contact surfaces.

Examples: Pest control chemicals, chemicals, paints, lubricants, etc.

          Food Allergens: few people might be sensitive to certain food like eggs, peanuts, milk, seafood, etc., upon consumption they might get nausea, skin rashes, etc.,

–          While processing, packaging and storage cross contamination may also inadvertently cause allergens.


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